new school year, same apathy toward blogging

Since I last visited my own blog site, I’ve moved to another state and started teaching 9th grade for the 3rd year in a row. A whole bunch has happened that I’m SURE is blog-worthy.

I occasionally contract these grandiose ideas about how often I’m going to blog. (I call it “contracting grandiose ideas” because sometimes that’s how it feels- I NEED to be blogging, it’s that important…)

Then life gets in the way, the feeling doesn’t just get put on the back burner; it’s taken off the stove completely. When I go back and read what I’ve posted in the past, I get that fire in me again, but it eventually dies too.

I may as well post something worthwhile and tell you what I’m reading…

I just finished The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson. It was chilling in most places and beautiful in some others.

Image result

Now, I’m reading Finding Manana by Mirta Ojito because it was on the shelf in my classroom and I’d never read it. It’s a memoir of a Cuban refugee. I really like it so far.

Image result

I’m also reading The Daylight Marriage by Heidi Pitlor because told me I should. Oh, how I love that website!

Image result

I think my next post will be a tribute to my artistic students’ awesome work. They hand me such beautiful pieces, there’s no reason not to share them with y’all.

‘Til then! 🙂


I tried.

I love the idea of a healthy snack that I can eat ALL of. And a sweet friend of mine had a test to study for on Wednesday night, so I figured I could keep some and share some of a healthy snack… I decided to make bite size healthy “muffins.”

I put that in quotes because, as it turned out, there was nothing muffin-like about them. Well, ok. They looked like muffins.

I used this recipe from a blog called The Lean Green Bean. Too cute. I bet when the LGB blogger makes them, they are great.

I failed.

C tried them, bless his heart. He hates telling me he doesn’t like anything I cook. His response: “Not your best, babe.” Thanks, Sweets.

On another note, I found a writing prompt I plan to give my 8th and 9th grade students:


Here’s my attempt:

Accept defeat.
Be nice.
Call your mom.
Do your homework.
Envy no one.
Face your fears.
Grow from your failure.
Help Mom with the groceries.
Invite the nerdy kid.
Jump in first. You’ll look most confident.
Keep your promises.
Learn something new every day.
Make a good first impression.
Never fry bacon naked.
Open the door for old people.
Put your phone down.
Question authority… respectfully.
Remember Dad’s birthday.
Stand up for yourself.
Take only photographs. Leave only footprints.
Understand that life isn’t fair.
Value your family.
Watch out for falling rocks.
“Xpect” greatness.
Yield to pedestrians.
Z… is a hard letter. I’m stuck. If you come up with anything, feel free to comment. 🙂